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So far I have submitted some of my poetry and some short stories I've written throughout my life. There's more to come including "Music in the valley of the shadows" "the tragedy of Ray Gibbons" and the "Day of the Inferno".

At 19 years old I have completed 5 novels.

  1. "Technoworld: rise of the robots": I started this when I was 9 years old and finished it when I was 10 years old. Inspired by the "2nd renniasance" story from the Animatrix, Technoworld is the story of a robot uprising in which the robots are our heroic rebel and the humans are the bad guys. I actually no longer have this story, I lost the original file when I was switching data between computers and I lost the USB which had my back-up on it. Even if I did have a copy of it, this book could never be published. the Characters are 1 dimensional, the plot is riddled with holes, the writing is sloppy.
  2. "Marvin story" I think I wrote this when I was either 11 or 12 years old. Marvin Story was a purely self indulgent novel written for nobody but myself. Its the story of how a normal teenager becomes a supervillian and takes over the world. Standing in his way is every hero from Harry Potter to Sonic the Hedgehog, to the Lyoko warriors, plus a bunch of villains who don't like competition. Armed with his wits, a key-blade and a chao side-kick Marvin takes on the world. The book reads like a South Park episode. I could never publish this for money because that would require me to get the permission of everybody whose characters I borrowed. The writing is amateurish but that sort of adds to the humor. I may eventually publish this story on Deviantart
  3. "Nagas the dragon boy" I wrote this when I was either 12 or 13 years old. Inspired by the TV show reaper, This book was about a teenager named Adam Mesh loses his soul to the devil in a poker game, then dies and is forced to collect evil souls and bring them to hell. This book I can never publish because it was not only poorly written but the storyline was unoriginal and the characters were bland.
  4. "Camp Wormwood" I wrote this book when I was 13 years. Terry Singer's dad works for a secret government agency called Division18. The story starts when a series of unnatural occurrences happens in Terry's hometown, starting with the murder of a severely autistic child named Arthur. the Disappearance of Terry's younger brother and older sister. Terry Singer is recruited by Division18 to infiltrate an Camp run by monsters, where children are being abducted to and turned into monsters themselves. Terry is given a communicator and allowed to be captured and taken to Camp Wormwood, while he's there he tries to find his brother and sister, while learning about the monsters plans and sending information back to his father while he waits for Division18 to pinpoint his location and rescue him. The basic premise was good, the characters were diverse and well developed, the story had a few good twists in it. The main problem with this story was my writing. I may someday submit this on Deviantart.
  5. "Prodigal Brethren", I completed this story a year and a half ago, since then I have been editing it and working on a sequel. Thanks to Professor T, my computer science teacher I know have the editing skills I need to finish editing the Prodigal Brethren. The Prodigal Brethren is the only novel I've ever completed worthy of being published for money. 

But these are just the books I've completed. Between the ages of 14 and 17 I started 3 books which I never finished. One of them Summer with the Mage Caravan I might actually be able to turn into a publishable story.

I might eventually publish the chapters of this story I did finish on Deviantart


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Calvin James McAlister
United States
I am a novel writer though i am not yet published.

I am a huge sonic fan, both Archie and modern sonic.
more recently I am a fan of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and I have one fan fiction I'd like to publish for that.

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