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Topazolite by LastDreamwalker
Topazolite was a gem who was born/made on earth during the later years of the Crystal rebellion, Topazolite grew up in wartime and was pressed into service by the Crystal Gem militia against her will.
Topazolite is almost always accompanied by or fused with a Quartz named Angel Aura who acts as Topazolite's de facto bodyguard.
 When fused together Angel Aura and Topazolite form Demantoid Garnet.
Angel Aura Quartz by LastDreamwalker
Angel Aura Quartz
Angel Aura is a Quartz type gem who was born/made on earth during the tail-end of the Crystal rebellion. She emerged from a kindergarten already taken over by the rebels. Unlike Amethyst who incubated in the earth for too long and is considered "overcooked", Angel Aura didn't incubate for long enough so she's considered "half-baked". As a result of emerging early, Angel is slow-minded.
Angel Aura like all Quartz has exceptional physical strength and is very loyal, unlike most Quartz gems however Angel is gentle and sweet.
Angel Aura is usually accompanied by or fused with her best friend Topazolite. The two of them can fuse together to form Demantoid garnet.
I'm enjoying winter break immensely.
Each day between now and Christmas I'm going to be submitting a new piece or work to Deviantart.

       The Lost Princess, Act 1, Chapter 1 The first chapter of a Percy Jackson fan-fiction, here's the synopsis.
"After August 18th 2009, children with ADHD and dyslexia started going missing all over America. Two FBI agents, the calculating and tough Sofia Romanov and the empathic but slightly immature Kyle Zhao are searching for answers. But the more they investigate the more they see evidence of things that couldn't possibly exist. The normally cool, in control Sofia starts losing her grip as she gets closer to the truth. Is she on the verge of discovering the best kept secret in history, or is she just losing her mind?"
    Dragon for Christmas: Part 1
I still haven't decided weather I'm going to submit this as a print or not. "Dragon under the christmas tree" focuses on a boy named Cody whose beginning to doubt that Santa Claus is real. He comes up with a simple experiment to decide the question of Santa Clause's existence once and for all.


    Dragon for Christmas: Part 2
    Dragon for Christmas: Part 3


LastDreamwalker's Profile Picture
Calvin James McAlister
United States
I am a novel writer though i am not yet published.

I am a huge sonic fan, both Archie and modern sonic.
more recently I am a fan of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and I have one fan fiction I'd like to publish for that.

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